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TALWIN MORRIS cast iron stickstand. £SOLD.
(Period images,. The Studio)
Talwin Morris has in the past been counted as the fith member of the Glasgow Four, because of his maturity and long standing friendship with ' The Spook School '- (Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Herbert Macnair, and Margaret and Francis Macdonald). He was first to translate their ideas into commercial design and the first collector of items that they designed and produced. He came to Glasgow in 1893, a crucial time in the development of the Glasgow Style, to take up his post as director of Blackie's publishing house. He studied as an Architect and designed many items of jewellery, hand beaten metalwork and even pieces of furniture, which are very rare, but he is most famous for his incredible Glasgow Style designs of metalwork and for Blackie book covers whom Mackintosh also designed for, but probably most important was that, 'he secured' for Macintosh the commission for the Blackie's new home in Helensborough, The Hill House.

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