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History of Lambs of Manchester - Arts and Crafts Manufacturers

Lambs of Manchester was founded by James Lamb in C1840 and were one of the most successful late nineteenth-century British cabinet makers. They commissioned work from a number of notable designers, such as W.J.Estall who's work they exhibited at the London Exhibition of 1862, Bruce Talbert and Charles Bevan. They also made furniture designed by Alfred Waterhouse for the Manchester Assize Courts shown twice in Paris in 1867 and 1878 and the French designer Hugues Protat. The quality of their cabinet work was of the highest order, and won them many prizes at several International Exhibitions in which they exhibited. They supplied furniture to the new up and coming middle-classes and the elite living in Manchester but their reputation grew rapidly and soon their furniture was sold far and wide. The factory burnt down with all the records so there is not a great deal of information on who else designed for Lambs but the furniture they produced was without doubt at the forefront in design of the Gothic Revival, Aesthetic and Anglo-Japanese Periods. Lambs were taken over by Goodhall and Heighway to form Goodhall, Lambs and Heighway in 1899.

Researched and written by Tony Geering.
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